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Shark Werks Muffled 997 GT3 Track Exhaust
Product Type: Exhaust

Price:$ 2595

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Note: We no longer make this exhaust system. Please view the updated version of this exhaust system here.

The Shark Werks 997 GT3 Track Exhaust system, which has been designed, developed and tested on our 2007 997 GT3RS (ZKERMIT) and 2010 997 GT3 shop cars, dramatically reduces the weight in the rear by 57 pounds. Utilizing two lightweight stainless steel race mufflers (each weighing two pounds) and three inch stainless steel piping, the entire system weighs eleven pounds and looks much akin to a Cup car set up. Installation is made easy via the use of stainless steel CNC'd flanges. Factory clamps and ceramic seals are retained for an OEM seal at the header/catalyst junction.

Uncorked with our Track Exhaust the GT3 engine delivers a very aggressive Cup car-like sound. This system is very loud on the outside as well as the inside and is hence intended for use at the track. For daily driven street cars we recommend using our street-aimed Bypass Exhaust instead. When using the SharkWerks track exhaust, we highly recommend doing so in conjunction with the EVOMSit software tuning for optimal performance.

- Cup car derived, VERY aggressive sporty sound (see videos)
- Real 57 pound weight savings from the rear of the car
- Aggressive slash-cut 3" tips
- 18 gauge T304 tungsten inert gas welded stainless steel
- Designed in-house and manufactured in the US
- Factory headers and catalysts retained (no Check Engine Lights)
- Direct bolt-on replacing factory center and side mufflers
- Fits the 2007-2008 997 GT3/GT3RS & 2010 Model GT3s

Dyno Chart

Top to bottom shown are:
-EVOMSit Software with Shark Werks Track Exhaust
-EVOMSit Software only
-Factory stock 2010 GT3

The tuning involves a more aggressive fuel map, timing advance optimization for specific grades of fuel, and a more responsive accelerator pedal.

With software only, the 2010 GT3 went from 392 RWHP to 404 RWHP at the peak. The car gained about this much horsepower for most of its RPM range.

The car gained over 10 ft-lb of torque at its peak around 6600 RPM and more torque throughout the RPM range.

With the exhaust and software, the gains were higher, bringing it up to 414 RWHP at the peak (22 RWHP net gain), more torque at the peak, and a large gain in torque between 3700 and 5400 RPMs.

Shown during the SpeedTV Battle of the Super Cars Show:

Shown here at Laguna Seca on a 2010 997.2 GT3RS:

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