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ECU Removal Installation Guide for Coupe 996/997, Turbo, Carrera, S, GT2, GT3
If you need to re-flash or change the software on your 996 or 997, it may be necessary to remove the ECU from the car yourself. Please note, these instructions are only for the 1999-2012 model year...

ECU Removal & Installation Guide for Cabriolet models 996/997, Turbo, Carrera, S
For convertible models, the ECU removal is a different process than that of the coupe models. If your car is a hardtop, please read this guide instead to remove the ECU. If you need to re-flash or...

Tuning Suspension on SharkWerks 2009 997S ZTADPOL
Slowly but surely, we've been tinkering with our project 2009 PDK Carrera S, AKA "ZTadpol", and last last Friday, James installed the latest round of upgrades. The goal was to tighten up the car's...

The GT1 Coolant Pipe Prevention / Fix on GT1 block (GT3, GT2, Turbo) Cars-2011_porsche_997_gt3rs_sharkwerks_engine_coolant_fix_exhaust_evomsit_champion_rs20_wheels_rss_su.jpg
The GT1 Coolant Pipe Prevention / Fix on GT1 block (GT3, GT2, Turbo) Cars
Parts required: bolt size: M4 x 10mm length quantity: 6-8 depending on model tap size: M4x0.7 pitch sealant: Loctite 263 (p/n 1330585) or Loctite 271 -- 50ml is much more than than enough; very...

SharkWerks Weight Reduction Program with HRE's new R40 Monoblok Wheels
The SharkWerks gang has always been keen on weight savings and not just adding power. Hence, if you're going to change wheels we always think it's fine it they "look nice" but we've always wanted...

Shark Werks GT3 8800 RPM 3.9L 502 HP Engine Upgrade
Just as the 2010 Porsche GT3s are reaching local dealerships with a new 3.8L motor installed, SharkWerks' Viper Green GT3 RS (AKA "ZKERMIT") is having its 3.8L motor removed. The 2010 997 GT3s...

Is your 996 Coolant leaking? Could be your coolant expansion tank
A customer called a few days ago saying his 996 Carrera had a coolant leak, asking if we could fix it. We focus on performance upgrades here, but he was hesitant to drive the distance to his dealer...

EVOMSit Tuning Adventures with the 3.9L SharkWerks 996 GT3
We flash many 996TTs, 997TTs, GT3s, Cayennes etc... but what's actually behind it all? Something that we do get asked a lot is what makes us decide to partner with one tuner vs another. The following...

EVOMSit Software Tuning with 2009 997S SharWerks ZTADPOL
Hey folks, I wanted to not only give you another update on our on-going 2009 997S PDK car with regards to software tuning but also a small glimpse into the strangely secret, complicated and yet...

997 GT3 Laguna Seca dB Sound Buster Modification - Beat the dB Limit at Laguna
If you have a GT3 or GT3RS, and race it at Laguna Seca, you might be black flagged for making too much noise. This is an issue even if you do not have a SharkWerks bypass exhaust installed (but it...

2011 Shark Werks Releases Magnesium RS Centerlock Wheel for GT2RS & GT3RS
Over the last few months Shark Werks has quietly been working behind the scenes on introducing our own limited production centerlock Magnesium wheel for widebody 997.2 GT3RS and GT2RS cars. Without...

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