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The SharkWerks Open-Haus Rennlist GT3s & Authentic French Brioche & Drive
Just to prove that the manual/6speed GT3 owner is still very much alive, kicking and as quirky as always, we decided to have an open-house shindig @ the Shark Tank with our Rennlist friends. We like...

The Shark Werks / EVOMS 4.1 GT3RS Invites itself to Los Angeles Wrap Party
The SharkWerks crew doesn't get out much from the red triangle in Northern California. Our 4.1L GT3RS project broke the bank for 2.5 years worth of R&D and the only trips we've had (other than the...

SharkWerks/EVOMS 4.1 GT3RS, Bilstein, Joe Rogan 3.9RS & The Smoking Tire-sharkwerks_porsche_gt3rs_4-1_3-9_joe_rogan_smoking_tire_magnus_walker_bilstein_willow_springs_62.jpg
SharkWerks/EVOMS 4.1 GT3RS, Bilstein, Joe Rogan 3.9RS & The Smoking Tire
For round two of our SoCal tour we drove our 4.1L 997 GT3RS, now equipped with our Bilstein Clubsport Suspension, down to meet up with comedian/UFC MMA commentator Joe Rogan and his 2008 SharKWerks...

SharkWerks USA Tuning Tour with a New, Zany-colored 2011 GT3 RS
Here at Shark Werks when we introduce a new member of the family we like to think that we go a 'bit' out there. It takes a special breed (usually of the GT3-kind) and certain flair before we are...

SharkWerks Open-House: Cars & Coffee
Now that we have settled into our new facility, the gang at SharkWerks recently decided to have an impromptu "Cars & Coffee" meet with a few of our Northern California friends. We also had a couple...

SharkWerks Invasion @ Livermore Porsche: PCA Tech Session
SharkWerks was recently invited to an open-house technical session for the Diablo PCA Region at Porsche of Livermore. We would like to thank this very forward-thinking dealership as being invited to...

SharkWerks Invades Rennsport Reunion IV
Shark Werks was out and about at Rennsport Reunion IV 2011 at Laguna Seca Raceway. We would like to thank Testjet (our 700hp 997TT customer) and Mother's for hosting us at their booth. For any...

SharkWerks @ RM Auction & Concorso Italiano
Hey fellas had a fun-filled week/weekend during the week-long Exotic car festivals in Monterey. It was really great meeting so many of you and putting a face to a forum screen name finally... Those...

SharkWeek Part Deux: GT Series
Gentlebunnies, this week was about on-par with Shark Week for us (unless you count the Montreal F1 race we're going to next week). You don't often get to see and play with a 2011 997 GT2RS let alone...

Shark Werks Has Moved to a New Location
We've had a great run and 5 good years at our 4444 Technology Drive spot but other than the address we've always hankered for more space/room and overall better layout. As Chief Brodie said, "We're...

Shark Werks 3.9L X3 GT3s in one NorCal Photoshoot
There's a forthcoming cover story about this in a certain magazine, but in the meantime I wanted to give a teaser... ...

A Typical Week @ SharkWerks
On any given week at Shark Werks we typically get to see many flavors of Porsche. To give you an idea we picked a typical week in November of 2010 to share some of the projects that we are currently...

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