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  Update #1   Magazine:
SharkWerks GT3RS: "Battle of the Supercars" & Super Cars Exposed on Speed TV

Tune your TVs and/or set those DVR's to Speed Channel for Thursday July 22nd @ 10:30pm EST to follow the adventures of SharkWerks, Zkermit, RQ-4 & U-2 spy planes with the US Air Force! Actor and automotive enthusiast Lee Reherman, hosts the new, Battle of the Supercars TV show alongside Paul Tracy and Tanner Foust (he literally drove the snot out of Kermit!). Each 30-minute episode of Battle of the Supercars, takes two of the world’s most outrageous "super cars" and puts them through the test of performance on the road and track in head-to-head competition. The 13-part series will roll out 30-minute episodes on SPEED beginning July 22 at 10 p.m. ET.

SharkWerks' own 3.9L "ZKERMIT" flies the flag for the Porsche 997 GT3RS marquee on opening night @ 10:30pm on July 22nd's "Reconnaissance" Episode. Be sure to tune in and find out how she stacks up against a modified Ferrari F430 pushing 520hp!

Here's a promotional video/advert that has been airing on Speed Channel and other stations:

How does one edit three-days worth of shenanigans into a 30 minute episode? We're not sure but we sure had a lot of fun with Paul, Tanner, Lee and the Speed Channel Guys. Good eggs indeed! We've also got a new level of respect for the US Air Force and a warm-felt thanks to the entire staff (the Colonel, Shawn, Captain you folks are the best) at Beale Air Force Base for not only serving their country but for the level of enthusiasm and kindness (not to mention organization!) they showed team SharkWerks. You flyboys sure know cars! Plus a big thanks to our friend ZIP22 and his modified F430, Robert Willis@Autoconcierge and of course the EVOMS crew.

Previously Tanner Foust of SPEED Channel's Supercars Exposed comes to SharkWerks to see what a modified GT3 RS can do around Infineon Raceway. Tanner takes the 3.8L powered ZKERMIT around the track for several hot laps.

NFL Total Access and Amani Toomer's SharkWerks 997 Turbo

NFL Total Access goes inside the New York Giants' training camp to see how Amani Toomer prepares for the season. Amani talks about life outside the game, including his beloved white SharkWerks-built 997 Turbo. You can view Amani's gallery entry here to see the specifics and build-up of the car.

Amani Toomer's 911 Turbo Modded @ SharkWerks on Inside NFL

Here's what we can show you in the meantime with our behind-the-scenes look (edited for the sake of security clearance) at the adventures of Kermit.

The unmanned RQ-4 GlobalHawk vs Kermit:

They're a lot bigger in person and the green one isn't remote control either..

SharkWerks plus the US Air Force:

The one in the back (U-2) is still in service currently flying covert missions and higher than any other aircraft. Ever. The sensors alone are worth a lot more than an F430 (even with a California-style mark-up):

It takes less than 600-800 feet of runway to get airborne. But these cars will be using over 3 miles worth...

Our wing's bigger than your wing:

Real early start. 0500 hours sharp? Got to get through security clearance but where are those Shark people?

There we are. Note to one-self. If you ever consider doing a TV show with cars, egos, lots of people and equipment be sure to do so alongside the US Air Force. They do things like clock work.

Even if this was a good spot to take a picture:

Once a few airplanes were moved we had the drivers & production meeting over at Hanger Five (our base of operations):

Production was on a much larger scale vs our last TV appearance....

In-car camera set ups (POVs, HDs and a lot of other double d's):

Don't know how to use this contraption either:

Not sure if we're all checking our iphones or tweeting here...

But we did actually do some "OFFLINE" talking too (Paul, Moi, Lee,Tanner)!

"OK Gary you take the Porsche and Wyatt, you take the Ferrari, OK?"

Those American Gladiators sure are big aren't they? But just like the rest of us he's texting (his agent?)...

The Global-Hawk is growing on me, especially with the "sock" taken off the intake:

Meanwhile Bob prepares her for battle:

We have our commuter cars and the pilots have theirs...

If you think the old napalm tanks don't contain their golf-clubs nowadays you'd be wrong...

Although that doesn't stop James from monkeying about. I was in the Rio seat there and listening to him explain how to start it....

Get out of the plane now James. You've explained how everything works at least three times now...

Dan, quit messing about ok?

But it's ok when it's avec il Piloti:

Paul takes a break from shredding tires in front of our competition:

It's a wrap. Paul says, "Let me have a go during the b-roll. I'll be easy on the tires since Tanner's already had a go... and don't worry about the ceramic brakes. I rarely use them."

Can anyone spare some 100 octane please?

Shark-man plus James. Very tired but very happy.

These tires were brand spanking new on day one. Tanner corded them by the end of day two. Well done son.

"This is Tanner requesting clearance for Kermit from the tower for a fly-by. Negative TireShredder the pattern is full...":

Our show has a theme/name and fun to see the words Porsche, GT3RS and 3.9L in the same sentence for TV. Looks like we're up against some stiff competition that night though, I mean there's Jersey Shore & Police Academy to choose from

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