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  Update #1   Carrara White
2009 997TT Stage II With Cargraphic Exhaust, Bilstein Coilover & Cargraphic AirLift

For this classic white 2009 997TT we added EVOMSit ECU Tuning, EVOMS BRV’s, Cargraphic loud exhaust, Bilstein PASM-compatible coil-overs, and RSS sway bars. This is what we like to call our Stage II kit around here. Reducing back-pressure as well as a solid re-tune for 91 octane yields about 580hp! Riding on 19 inch light-weight Champion RS171s or HRE Monoblok P43s (in winter) she looks the part too. To make things easier for approaching and getting out of those steep driveways we also installed the Cargraphic Airlift system:

The first step was to remove the rear bumper and stock exhaust system to free up some flow back there and reduce the lag. A Cargraphic Loud exhaust system was chosen for this car.

Off she comes:

Here's the German-made Cargraphic system with its German racing tri-metal core high-flow cats awaiting installation:

Shown installed:

The next phase is to remove the Bosch Motronic ECU and program it with the EVOMSit software for 91 octane:

With increased boost levels the stock boost recirculation valves become a weak point and we replace the rubber/plastic in favor of the robust billet piston design from EVO.

The next phase was to lower the car with a set of Bilstein PASM coil overs which we also retrofitted with the Cargraphic Air-lift kit to help navigate those steep driveways:

The fronts now have the airbags and lines installed and ready to be installed:

And shown installed:

Here's the control module that enables you to raise/lower the car in a matter of seconds with a remote:

This control module box as well as the air lines and other electronics need to be installed/retrofitted into the trunk area:

For a video of the Cargraphic Airlift kit in action on this car please see the video below:

A few pix of the finished article:

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