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  Update #1   GT Silver
2009 997TT EVT775, TechArt Type II Aero, Noselift & HRE P40 Wheels

Once in a while we get a car that literally has every possible stone over-turned and this 2009 GT Silver one is most certainly it. With an EVOMS EVT7775 kit, a full TechArt Type II body kit, a full suspension over-haul (including all the RSS/SharkWerks links/arms and TechArt Noselift kit) and some HRE wheels this has to be on of our all-around favorite Twin Turbos to date that we've done.

Go-Fast Bits:
Starting with the power gear, here's an EVT700 turbo set up with one of the EVOMS boost recirculation valves on it:

On go the turbos, EVOMS VTG headers, upgraded intercoolers and hose kit:

We also went with the Cargraphic Loud exhaust, which produces a fantastic sound.

It also has the IPD plenum and new Y-pipe kit on it:

The TechArt Type II & body..
Starting with the Tail... The Type II rear wing is not only aggressive looking but it's actually quite functional too with the two fresh-air inlet ducts feeding more cold air into the airbox than the stock wing at higher speeds. We painted the inlet ducts black:

Here you can see the decklid/wing installed and with the factory fan etc... all in place.

The TechArt Type II rear bumper kit comes with new intercooler shrouds that need to be modified to fit the larger EVOMS intercoolers:

Before installing it we also had to transfer/re-locate all of the rear parking sensors too (not fun):

Also there's a neat lower valence that's part of the kit.

on she goes and you can see the parking sensors but also the rear US 5mph bumperette delete...

It fits the techart exhaust tips nicely:

Over to the front now...
First things first, James uses his template to install a GT3 vent in there and getting the spacing right:

This is done before paint obviously:

And now ready for paint...

Off comes the front stock bumper and ducting....

All of the ducting gets replaced with new units. You can also see James having marked off some areas that need to be modified further to

accept TecHArt's new LED light kit.

Here's a shot of the actual light (obviously there's a lot of wiring and other gear not in the picture (control units etc...)

Here's the light installed:

The front lip is also a nice removable/replacable unit (although this car won't need another one since it has the noselift):

Here's a picture of the finished and much more aggressive fron end:

Suspension Overhaul:
Here's full shot of the TechArt parts for their noselift kit including. The pump and new battery tray requires the smaller GT3 battery to

be used (saves some weight):

The top coil over is retrofitted vs the lower one which has yet to be...

Installed on the car and yes you'll notice the two piece RSS/GiroDisc rotors on there too (saved about 3 pounds per corner)

The hydrualic lines are all tied out of the way:

And also run under the belly pans:

A lot of the trunk area needs to be removed in order to install all of the electronics and hydrualic lines.

In goes the battery tray

We also need to run the electronics inside to the Homelink system to install the switch.

There she is... very OEM-like

With the coil overs, RSS front and rear sway bars and noselift kit all out of the way it was time to tackle some of the software links/arms with some of our RSS parts:

Here's the rear PASM Bilstein coil over set up along with the RSS dog bones (underneath is the bump steer kit as well as the thrust arm bushings and monoballs which you can't see).

We also used some GT3 arms with the adjustable shims for camber settings:

All-in-all this car is set really low but still very practical thanks to the noselift and as good a handling 997TT as we've driven. Flat, planted and not noisy/stiff either.
  Update #2  

For wheels we went with 19 inch light-weight HRE Monoblok P43's in a satin charcoal finish with a silver pin-stripe.

On to the inside...
For the interior we added a few touches including the rennline pedals/floorboards:

And an FVD paddle shifter steering wheel too

And silver belts front and rear:

Here she is ready to go home (or over to TC Design for a full alignment):

  Update #3  

We also have a video showing the DayTime Running Light kit for the 997TT
  Update #4  

A few final touches to the engine bay as we install Champion Motorsports' Carbon Fiber Y-pipe kit. Made from 100% pre-impregnated carbon fiber material it should also help reduce intake temps (and yes it looks nice!). Another benefit of this new product is the substantial loss of weight. At just 0.5lb., this new product weighs in a full 2lbs less than the OEM component.

The engine bay before-hand:

Out comes intake and y-pipe:

And installed:

  Update #5  
Brembo Brake Upgrade

The "Ultimate EVT700" project did actually come back one "more" time for a full front/rear Brembo big brake upgrade kit.

The factory caliper (and Girodisc rotor) up front:

Over to the rear:

Enter the replacements...

The customer chose to go with Brembo's 6-piston set up with the "yellow" caliper option:

The larger 380mm two piece rotors:

Upgrading and going "bigger" doesn't necessarily have to mean more weight either. Here's the new Brembo caliper on the scale:

In comparison here's the slightly heavier factory caliper:

Next up, the larger 380mm two piece rotor from Brembo. For reference, the factory front rotors weigh in at 25.6 pounds in the front (and 22.1 pounds in the rear).:

Totting up the total weight savings in the front vs a factory set up you would be looking 62.64 pounds for the Brembo upgrade vs 77.36 pounds for the stock Porsche units (almost 15 pounds of unsprung weight savings).

On goes the new front kit along with the included Goodrich brake lines:

And over to the larger rears which go from a single piece factory 350mm rotor to a two piece 380mm set up along with a lighter 4-piston caliper (the E-brake functions as normal).

Checking wheel fitment with the 19-inch HRE Monoblock P43 wheels

Ready for a test-drive (and for bedding):

But wait there's more... before delivery there was just enough time for a few more MACarbon goodies:

Away she goes... an EVT700, with HREs, full suspension links, brembo brakes, TechArt noselift, TechArt Type II aero, MA Carbon interior and a full FIVE fins worthy of stuff.
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