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  Update #1   Meteor Grey (Gray)
2007 997TT TechArt GT Street, EVT700, Tubi Race Exhaust & HRE 590R Wheels

This very special Meteor Grey 2007 997TT came in for a full TechArt GT Street make-over as well as the EVT700 power-kit. This extensive, unique build is featured on the cover of the January 2009 edition of Total 911. There's a nice 12 page article with some great shots by Dave Woodhall at Buttonwillow raceway.

And here's a video showing the car in action:

Before doing any EVT700 kits we need to address the clutch and so the upgraded clutch kit (Pressure plate, disc etc..) is essential. Out comes the transmission:

Here you can see the 5mph bumper protection which also needs to be cut slightly to fit the bumper along with the new lines for the washer (the next time we do this we're doing a headlight washer and nipple delete). In go the fog lights, shrouds and so forth...

A test fit...

Oh and then the meat and potatoes of any EVT700 is those turbos and the EVO BRV kit...

And installed... along with the boost hose kit and the "edge" of the upgraded intercoolers.

And almost getting there...

We got the carbon lip and vent clear coated...

With the turbos/BRVs and all the oil/water lines back on we dusted off the Tubi Race exhaust. So far so good.

Here we are buttoning up the heat shields.

The rear end needs to be modified to fit the larger intercoolers but the shrouds still fit well.

Test fitting the rear bumper..

Very aggressive looking and _huge_ openings exposing those intercoolers

Very aggressive looking indeed but houston (Stuttgart) we have a problem Unless we stay reverse DTM the Tubi Race Exhaust and GT Street rear end is going to need some more modification. This is why TechArt has another muffler. The outlet for the tips isn't in the same spot as OEM. We'll have to weld some extensions and bends to the outlet pipes.

Here we are wrapping the rear end up along with the CF diffuser. If you intend on doing the GT Street kit you'd be best to get the TechArt exhaust purposely designed for it so that you don't need to modify... Test fitting the tips before cutting pipes/welding etc..

James welding..

There she is making here maiden voyage

Detailed by Bob Willis from AutoConcierge

At the Total 911 Magazine cover story PhotoShoot on the race track:

Here's a finished article a full EVT700 kit on it, TechArt suspension, the TechArt GT Street kit (sans the fenders) and full satin black HRE 590R wheels:

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