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2012 997 Turbo S 918 Spyder Edition with Shark Werks Exhaust

This limited edition 2012 997 Turbo S 918 Spyder Edition needs little done except for in the exhaust department. We rid this factory tricked-out Turbo S of its vacuum cleaner sound with the Shark Werks exhaust. Being a cat-back only system the warranty and emissions equipment is not affected.

On the lift she goes:

You can't miss those neon green accents including the brake calipers, underside of the mirrors and door badges.

Another factory treat in the form of these carbon fiber side intake ducts:

The inside also gets the treatment, the seats with wild neon green piping and stitching everywhere!

Even the wheel and gauges get that green theme... The needles too!

Now that we've had a good look around it's back to business and off with the bumper cover:

There's the rather restrictive stock exhaust system. You can see the hot-spot at the very center thanks to the merged flow:

Intercoolers are off also and now you can remove the center section:

Our system being installed is also a little lighter (by 8 pounds):

Made entirely of T304 0.065 stainless steel, mandrel bent to fit to the factory catalytic converters, our system not only unleashes a more sporty sound (you can hear those turbos spool) but it does so without drone or resonance inside the vehicle. You can continue to enjoy your Blue-Tooth phone conversations or PCM 3.0 iPod tunes without interference from the exhaust. Meanwhile, your 997.2 TT / S produces a deeper, throatier growl from the engine at the press of the gas pedal.

You can also re-use the factory tips:

A video showing what the exhaust sounds like:

Ready to go home:

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