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  Update #1   Aqua Blue
2012 997 Turbo S with Shark Werks Exhaust, EVOMSit & TechArt Paddle Kit

This stunning Aqua Blue 2012 Turbo S with the Porsche aerokit was almost perfect from the factory. Almost... The owner wanted Shark Werks to help address two key weaknesses. The exhaust note falls far short of its $180K price tag plus with a host of factory options and multi-function steering wheel the paddle shifters are not available. In to the Shark Cage she comes for our exhaust and TechArt paddle conversion...

Aqua Blue, Factory Aerokit, Turbo S but not quite perfect yet:

In she comes:

On the lift she goes (the Silver Turbo S next to her is getting the same treatment!):

Off with the lights, fender liners...

And the bumper:

Next up is the heat shield and 5mph bumper:

And with the bumper off we can see the cause of this undesirable silence. Also notice in the center that even on this almost-new car a hot-spot is already present due to the exhaust gases not having the most optimal merge or flow. We can do better than that:

Next it's time to remove the intercoolers:


And with easier access off comes a catalyst and the stock exhaust:

A quick jog over to the "weigh-ins":

And by comparison here's ours almost 50% lighter. Always a plus to have less weight over the rear end:

And on goes the Shark Werks exhaust installed to the factory mounts and using stock clamps. She's going to sound deeper and more exotic now:

This is what she sounds like:

Notice the more optimal straight-through flow for each side now:

A good few bends indeed but no welded sub sections:

2.5 inch all the way through to accept the factory tips:

Bumper back on again and with the stock tips:

Now over to the interior. Off comes the factory multi-function steering wheel. The cumbersome buttons make shifting both confusing and irritating:

With the TechArt paddle shift conversion kit installed:

One side for upshifts and one for down:

Great looking interior:

Finally the EVOMSit Software is tuned for 91 octane for more power and crisper response:

And now ready to go home!

There's more on the menu coming soon...

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