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  Update #1   White
2008 997 GT3RS RS430 SharkWerks Exhaust, HRE C93 Wheels & EVOMSit

The owner of this extremely rare White 2007 997 GT3RS decided to drop some weight and get the car set up for track duty. We removed the heavy stock seats and installed the 996 European spec factory GT3 seats and to round things off in the interior we installed the SharkWerks Fire Extinguisher kit in matching white. As with every GT3 or GT3RS that shows up here we installed the Cargraphic protective radiator screens. Also on tap was the SharkWerks GT3 Muffler Bypass system with lightweight tips to beef up the sound and add to his weight reduction plan. We also added our software tuning for another 18 horsepower and better throttle response. Finally the car was fitted with custom HRE C93 wheels and a Schroth harness bar with 6-point safety belts.

Ready for surgery..

The Cargraphic screens...

Out come the steering wheel, seats and so forth (James is there but just camera-shy)

With the seats in...

And with our matching "white" FE..

And for the "stereo" upgrade (5.1 Dolby Digital)

For those of that were asking about the Tow-hook you always see on cars here this is the one (from our friends at TCDesign). Even when you're not being towed at the track their great for pulling the car around the shop without starting

A Schroth harness bar with 6-point safety belts is added for track use.

There she is at the track:

Custom HRE C93 wheels are installed, saving 29 pounds of unsprung weight versus

Here she is and ready to go!

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