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  Update #1   White
2009 997S White Cabriolet with SharkWerks Exhaust & HRE P43 Wheels

This brand new 2009 White 997S Cabriolet came into us for the SharkWerks exhaust and some HRE P43 19 inch wheels. The first order of business was to get our exhaust installed, to free up a few ponies and give the car a more exotic tone.

Off comes the stocker...

And on goes ours...

We also installed some 19 Inch HRE P43 wheels in brushed/silver:

Fore reference here's a look at the dyno testing. The new 09 PDK cars is somewhat of a chore to say the least If you've got a 6speed you're in much better shape... If not, just make sure you do so on an AWD mustang dyno in Sport Plus, and 4th or 5th gears only, with PSM off. It's very important that the system is mechanically linked and with the front wheels turning or else the tranny will go straight into limp mode (or worse). With that out of the way we ran in AWD mode today to get a baseline vs the SharkWerks Exhaust and got some interesting results to share with you (we got a few ponies - 12HP and 14TQ). Bear in mind we're running on 91 octane in AWD mode here and with a 20% drive train loss according to the fine folks at Stasis.

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