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  Update #1   Midnight Blue
2005 996 Turbo S GT700 & PSS9 Suspension

Shark Werks Inc goes European? The owner of this stunning Midnight Blue Aerokit 2005 996 Turbo S came to us all the way from Poland. Having bought the car in Los Angeles, the owner drove it bone stock up to us for a full GT700 conversion with PSS9s. Upon completion the car was then sent/shipped back to the East Coast and over to Warsaw Poland. The owner is a true enthusiast and as the pictures can attest has already taken it over to the World-Famouse Nurburg Ring in Germany and certainly suprised a few cars out there.

Here she sits on the doctors table and ready for surgery

Off come the intercoolers, stock hoses, heat shields and shrouds

Then it's off with all of the belly pans, drive shafts and undercarriage (sub frames etc..)

Next is the airbox, tops side hoses etc... in order to prep the engine for the

Out come the engine and transmission

Space is tight and all that remains is the stock intake plenum which we will soon replace.

After splitting the engine and transmission it's time to address the clutch with the Stage III kit in order to handle 700hp. The stock one already shows signs of wear.

With the engine out of the car we now have access to change the fuel injectors, fuel rails and assemble the fire-jacketed fuel lines.

A shot of the heavy duty clutch disc before she goes inside.

With the engine being back inside you can see the back-side (hot-side) of the turbos and the long-tube headers.

After changing out the plugs we also install the MillTek exhaust and the EVO boost hose kit. You can also see the red intake plenum going to the turbos.

No on go the diverter valves and the top-side boost hose kit. Also you can see the back-side of the performance exhaust.

With the headers, exhaust, boost hoses, turbos and intake plenum all secured we're almost ready for take off.

From the fols side of the turbos you can see the custom waste gate.

In goes the EVO V-Flow intake...

This is the first shot I got of her once she returned to Europe, up in the Alpine

And here he is on the world-famous Nurburg Ring race circuit. Flat as can be!

Off he pulls, passing by a "poster" of a cup car...

The poor air-cooled 964 never stood a chance...

She looks good back in the Alps or on the track

Carving up the corners again on the track in Germany at the Nurbergring

Sporting the HRE C-22 wheels we shipped him later:
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