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  Update #1   White
2013 991 Carrera 3.4 with Shark Werks Exhaust

The owner of this slick white Carrera wanted more bite from his ultra quiet 3.4L engine, but with most of the exhausts on the market being too loud or intrusive, opted for the simple solution we designed. This was one of the most requested products we've made in some time.

Much like the systems we make for the GT3 and DFI 2009 Carreras, this exhaust replaces just the center muffler with our CNC mandrel bent tubing and OEM-sized tubing for maximum flow with minimal side effects. The simple system reduces weight on the rear of the car and gives a 50-state emissions compliant option for those looking to get a bit more grunt without check engine lights or problems.

Hey wait a second, this one's a six er, seven speed manual transmission! The first manual 991 we've seen yet and it really drives great, definitely an improvement over the older cars. It's too bad more of these cars are not optioned this way, people are missing out on a lot of fun.

On the lift she goes...

The simple set of tools required:

We'll also need a torque wrench when we're finished.

Underneath, the bulk of the stock muffler is obvious:

Also the center area shows the same "hotspotting" we've seen on plenty of stock Porsche mufflers, because this exhaust has a restrictive pair of u-turn bends before it enters the baffled chamber.

The center to side mufffer attachment uses similar brackets to the 997.2 DFI cars:

The stock exhaust is removed and weighed:

And the Shark Werks pipe:

A savings of almost 8 lbs, right where you want it most.

And a few minutes later our pipe is installed:

Now we have a little more room:

Fast forward a few more minutes to tighten some bolts, and she's all done now!

And here's a video showing it how it sounds:

Now it sounds like a proper 911

More information about this exhaust is available here.
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