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  Update #1   White
2016 Cayman GT4 White Sharkafied w/ Transmission & Power Upgrade #4

This fully-loaded white GT4 came into us with only 20 miles on the odometer for the full-on Sharkafied conversion. On the full-course menu was our bolt-on performance kit, our light weight flywheel, custom Guard re-gearing & LSD and other upgrades as per our own car making it the 4th fully-Sharkafied GT4 conversion.

In she comes:

Lovely interior!

Getting the transmission removed:

Just a few parts later:

Stock clutch & flywheel is also removed:

Regearing with the shorter close-ratio Guard 3rd, 4th & 5th and LSD installation:

Certainly responsible for livening up the character of the entire package is our 50%-lighter single mass flywheel:

Our light weight flywheel kit installed:

The engine cover and interior is removed to get access to the stock plenum and smaller 74mm throttle body.

The IPD competition plenum coupled with the larger 82mm throttle body ready to go in:

Installed with a view:

Some more of the interior is removed to gain access to the stock filters which we replace with the better-flowing BMC units:

And out with the stock paper units (clean this time since the car only has 20 miles):

A shot of the equal-length sport headers we use:

And installed:

The stock T-shape exhaust tips are smaller and 91mm and about to get sharkafied:

Stock on the left vs our SharkWerks versions on the right:

Replaced with the larger 98mm SharkWerks X-tips:

Finally everything comes together with proper tuning via the EVOMSit OBDII tuning software set for 91 octane:

Over to the outside the RSS carbon canards are installed:

Along with the carbon fiber ducktail extension:

Finally the rear uprights are replaced with the Salter Aero 4-inch replacements:


Ready to go home fully-Sharkafied GT4 #4!


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