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  Update #5  
Brembo Brake Upgrade

The "Ultimate EVT700" project did actually come back one "more" time for a full front/rear Brembo big brake upgrade kit.

The factory caliper (and Girodisc rotor) up front:

Over to the rear:

Enter the replacements...

The customer chose to go with Brembo's 6-piston set up with the "yellow" caliper option:

The larger 380mm two piece rotors:

Upgrading and going "bigger" doesn't necessarily have to mean more weight either. Here's the new Brembo caliper on the scale:

In comparison here's the slightly heavier factory caliper:

Next up, the larger 380mm two piece rotor from Brembo. For reference, the factory front rotors weigh in at 25.6 pounds in the front (and 22.1 pounds in the rear).:

Totting up the total weight savings in the front vs a factory set up you would be looking 62.64 pounds for the Brembo upgrade vs 77.36 pounds for the stock Porsche units (almost 15 pounds of unsprung weight savings).

On goes the new front kit along with the included Goodrich brake lines:

And over to the larger rears which go from a single piece factory 350mm rotor to a two piece 380mm set up along with a lighter 4-piston caliper (the E-brake functions as normal).

Checking wheel fitment with the 19-inch HRE Monoblock P43 wheels

Ready for a test-drive (and for bedding):

But wait there's more... before delivery there was just enough time for a few more MACarbon goodies:

Away she goes... an EVT700, with HREs, full suspension links, brembo brakes, TechArt noselift, TechArt Type II aero, MA Carbon interior and a full FIVE fins worthy of stuff.